Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Room of a home showing boxes labeled SERVPRO

SERVPRO of Cincinnati East Provides Cleanup After Fire Damage

The damage left behind after a fire can be overwhelming for a homeowner. The SERVPRO of Cincinnati East fire technicians work quickly to pack and move the contents of the damaged property so that the restoration can begin.

Room of a home with three air movers and a dehumidifier sitting on the hardwood floors.

Water Damage in Goshen, Ohio

After a fire, not only is the property damaged by fire, but it can also be damaged by the water used to fight the fire. SERVPRO of Cincinnati East has the industrial strength equipment necessary to handle even the largest of restoration projects!

Fire Damage in Cincinnati, Ohio

Home fires are scary and can be devastating. In addition to the damage caused by the fire, the smoke and soot as well as the water from the firefighting efforts all cause damage as well. Our fire technicians at SERVPRO of Cincinnati East are experts in fire damage restoration. They understand that a quick response is critical and work quickly to restore a property after a fire.

SERVPRO of Cincinnati East Provides Fire Damage Restoration

The damage after a fire in a home is not limited to the immediate area of the fire. The soot and smoke travel throughout the home damaging its contents as well as the structure of the home. SERVPRO of Cincinnati East was called for fire restoration services after a fire in this home in Sardinia, Ohio. Not only did our fire technicians clean and restore the structure, they also packed the contents of the home, moved them to the warehouse for cleaning, and then returned them to the property once restoration was complete.

Fire Damage in Milford, Ohio

The SERVPRO of Cincinnati East technicians are experts in deodorization and have the training and equipment to eliminate offensive odors. After a fire in Milford, Ohio, a strong smoke smell was left behind. This photo shows our ozone machine that is used to eliminate the smoke odor and return the property to pre-fire condition.

Eliminating Odor after Home Fire in Milford, Ohio

This photo shows an ozone machine set up in a home in Milford, Ohio after a fire. The ozone machine is used to eliminate odors. It works by taking the oxygen out of the air thus killing any odors in the area.

SERVPRO of Cincinnati East Cleans & Restores After Fire Damage

When a fire occurs, the structure as well as the contents of the property can be affected by fire, smoke and water damage. The fire technicians at SERVPRO of Cincinnati East are trained in the special techniques it takes to clean and restore a structure and its contents after a fire. This photo shows a fire technician taking a quick break outside a property affected by fire damage. SERVPRO of Cincinnati East cleaned the contents and the structure of the property after the fire.

SERVPRO of Cincinnati East Works to Bring Fire Safety Awareness to the Community

The SERVPRO of Cincinnati East staff had a great time participating in a Community Day to help bring fire safety awareness to residents in a Cincinnati community. It was a day full of fun with fire trucks, helicopters, fire demonstrations, crafts, food and more!

Inspection of Contents After Fire Damage

This home was damaged extensively by fire and it was necessary to pack and move out all contents of the home during the restoration process. The SERVPRO of Cincinnati East fire crews conducted an organized and efficient move out. All contents are inspected and inventoried during the process.

Ready to Head to Another Job!

Alex is a member of the SERVPRO of Cincinnati East crew. He is enjoying another day on the job helping people after fire, water, and mold damage! He has the SERVPRO van packed and ready to head to another job!

Packing & Removing Contents After Fire in Amelia, Ohio Home

A fire originated in the living room of this 3 bedroom home and caused smoke, fire and water damage throughout the property. The SERVPRO of Cincinnati East crews packed and removed the contents of the home so that restoration could be completed.

Commercial Fire Damage Requires Cleaning Services

A fire in the HVAC unit of this property caused damage throughout the restaurant. The entire property required cleaning due to the soot that accumulated on all the contents in the restaurant as well as the walls, ceilings, fixtures, etc. Our cleaning crews did a fantastic job to get this business back up and running quickly!

Fire Damage in Anderson, Ohio

This clothes dryer was the cause of a fire in a home in Anderson, Ohio. Following the fire, SERVPRO of Cincinnati East crews were called to clean the interior of the home including the walls, ceilings, doors, floors, etc.

Crews Work to Clean & Restore Contents

The SERVPRO of Cincinnati East cleaning crews work diligently to clean and restore contents damaged in a home fire. Our crews specialize in restoring contents damaged by water, fire, or mold. Our "restore" versus "replace" mentality helps save money while preserving precious, irreplaceable belongings.